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Vocal Training Ebooks


(All downloadable at the click of a button )

These EBooks will contain vocal Techniques and exercises for beginners to advanced for vocal training in a  STRAIGHT FORWARD approach ,that I have discovered over 25 years of Singing, performing and personal vocal training ,

 " You must Create good foundations to build a good house on (vocal sound) "

This is the secrets to great singing Technique that would take many years to discover. And all is in my EBooks, they are designed to help train the voice in the comfort of your home without the added cost of weekly private lessons @ $40 per lesson that could run into the thousands over total time of training .

"Start your training right and you will produce a great sound faster and easier "

   The contents of the eBooks will give you the secrets to developing great technique with vocal exercise lessons that, if used correctly will produce a rich full sounding voice to be proud of in no time 

My techniques are based firstly on Old Italian methods combined with years of learnt ways on "how to go about it all" ,without the confusion of Bad Techniques given by some that cause heartache and frustration which has been my experience , i have learn by mistake and pass whats learnt onto you .

These methods are the fastest, easiest and best way to achieve a great voice!  All you have to do is listen , apply and learn

"  A little tone deaf ? ...don't despair if you can talk you can learn how to sing "

The Methods in the EBooks allow you to sing POP, Blues, Rock, and classical, just by changing the tone of your voice all is explained in my easy downloads, most with guided MP3 backing training tracks

I Hope to be of help in your quest to your personal vocal improvement with these easy and great technique secrets .

So give them a try as they Get garnanteed results or your money back  ( just return product for refund after 14 days  )  ,  nothing to lose and only a better voice to gain   

Starting from only $9.99 , beginners with guided backing track $25.99  please see Reviews on all Ebooks  (you can check them on the Ebook products below ) 

Thanks for visiting my Page ,and i hope to be of some great help !.....All the best  . Greg 

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Vocal Shine Inc Ebook 9

Advanced high voice & Lessons on Vibarato as well as Stage performance Methods ..

$89.99AUD Ex Tax: $89.99AUD

Vocal Shine Inc Ebook 1

Download your vocal shine Inc beginners pdf ..

$9.99AUD Ex Tax: $9.99AUD

Vocal Shine Inc Ebook 2 (PDF + Mp3)

Download your vocal shine Inc pdf for beginners plus mp3 ..

$25.99AUD Ex Tax: $25.99AUD

Vocal Shine Inc Ebook 3

Download your vocal shine Inc pdf for advanced technique  with mp3 training tracks..

$39.99AUD Ex Tax: $39.99AUD

Vocal Shine Inc Ebook 6

Download the advanced training for tenor or high female voice with mp3 training tracks...

$49.99AUD Ex Tax: $49.99AUD


Download the advanced low to mid voice & mp3 plus secrets and techniques for great stage perform..

$69.99AUD Ex Tax: $69.99AUD

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